Toto Lynx

Join the Mobile Evolution

Toto Lynx will change the way your business uses cell phones forever.

Gone are the days of phone systems that require desk phones.

Experience a custom wireless phone system that delivers full performance with unique features without additional equipment or carrier services.

Connect Your Team via the new Toto Lynx Mobile Communication System!

Why Toto Lynx™?

Mobility increases productivity. A single business number can handle all your business requirements. Toto Lynx is simple to set up, full of powerful features, easy to use and it saves your company money.


Toto Lynx is Simple to Set-Up, Simple to Use, Simple to Scale.


Separates your personal and professional life, protects and projects your identity, and handles all of your communication management needs!


No Hardware. No Contracts or Maintenance. No Multiple Phones.


Set-Up. Use. Scale.


Use existing company number or a new one. The Toto Lynx App is available in Android or iOS, and can be used with any mobile carrier. Connect the team in minutes!


Toto Lynx provides simple, yet robust, Identity Management, incredibly easy Call Routing capabilities, and true Mobile-to-Mobile transfers.


Take advantage of unlimited answer groups, plus there are no limits to the number of inbound callers and team members you can add.


Office Features on the go.


Users can configure powerful traffic distribution to manage call delivery. Triggers can include date, time of day, location, called number, presence and availability.


Toto Lynx supports integration into existing PBX systems and a department or team can have their own mobile group. Devices can vary between PC's, tablets and phones. Connect everyone in your team with Toto Lynx.


Toto Lynx integrates your office the way your business works. Our mobile exchange platform integrates with many popular CRM and office productivity suites, such as MS Outlook, MS Lync, GoogleDocs, or


Get it all. Give up Nothing. Save Money.

No Hardware

Your business and team is now truly mobile. No desk-sets, switching equipment or landlines required.

No Contracts or Maintenance

Your business can easily add or delete users, anytime. There are NO minute charges and you can cancel anytime. Toto Lynx is delivered via a simple mobile application. We provide automatic updates and upgrades.

No Multiple Phones

Your employees only need to carry one mobile phone. Toto Lynx provides secure dual identity management.

Mobilize Your Office.

Connect the Team™


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Each User $9.99 / mo.
Limited Time only!
3 users for $20
/ mo.
Each additional user - $9.99
  • Separate your personal life
    from your professional life
  • Let your colleagues know your availibility
  • Manage company calls on your
    mobile phone

Never miss a call...

  • No contract
  • No minute charges
  • No hardware required